Next, you will choose what exactly you want to import. Custom stage screen for ProPresenter operators to see various outputs, timers, and settings. Across the top of the Preview window there are two icons will tell you if your Audience and/or Stage Screens are on or not. The above blocks of text and Tokens would be setup beforehand, then when the operator is running ProPresenter live, they would only have to enter the pertinent information inside of the Token and click the Show button for it to appear on the screen. available that you can install during the initial setup. This new functionality adds an additional layer to our output stack so Pro can display two different presentations at the same time on different outputs. That is, any time you want to have a number of slides that are grouped together for easy access, you will create a Presentation and add those slides to that Presentation. Create new Playlists and Playlist Folders by clicking the + button across the top of the Playlist view. You can use this option on one or more files at the same time. Here you can turn off the Announcements layer for the main display so it will only show on the screen intended for announcements. You can click on the dropdown to add an established Token or if you have a Token you want of your own, you can type it in the box there and hit Enter. As this setting is handled in the presentation data versus the slide/cue data, it does not add a Go to Next Timer on every slide, it just executes the trigger event at the end of each timer and it applies to all slides. Click the X button to clear the search. If you add 3 more to reach 5 seats, each of those will be at the discounted rate of $299 since you achieved the 5 Seat level, but no credit or refund will be given for the first two seats. Props layer for logos, bugs, lower thirds, and other overlays. To access Clear Groups, you can right click on the Clear Buttons to the right of the Preview Window, and choose Configure Clear Groups. To the left you see varying screen control panels showing the different layouts defined for this scenario. Click the v button to reveal the Library and Playlist section again. Select a Playlist or Playlist Folder then click the name again to rename the item. We've got some sample content (including some free media just for trying the program!) Click the Clear All button to clear all of the Layers at once. Learn more about our products from the community of users that we are grateful to call customers. Once inside the Song Editor, click the spot in the lyrics where you'd it like to split, then use this keyboard shortcut. Weve simplified our product offerings and pricing. Welcome to ProPresenter -- Working through the Quick Start Guide, Adding a Planning Center Plan to ProPresenter, AVG blocks media imports to ProPresenter 7 on Windows, Migrating ProPresenter Data from ProPresenter6 on a Different Computer, Syncing Between Computers with ProPresenter 7, Setting up an Alpha Key output from ProPresenter. The annual maintenance contract costs $179 per seat ($14.92 per month). Once they open that webpage they will see a list of all of the Messages listed inside of ProPresenter. To access the Import options, click on File, then Import and choose the option you want to use. Click the Theme to change which Theme this Message will use for formatting when it is shown on the screen. A pastor wants to know how long he has been talking. Slide notes have been redesigned and moved to a better, more natural location at the bottom of the screen and they can be formatted now too. This will give you the ability to pick and choose any specific file that you would like to link it to a Placeholder item within the PlanningCenter Imported Service. This option exports the file natively for use on another computer running ProPresenter 6. More information on this feature can be found in the Timeline section. Note: The default media transition can be overruled by a transition being added to a specific media action. You can enable Web Notifications to allow someone from another computer to prompt the ProPresenter Operator to trigger a Message to the Audience Screen as well. There are a few other options that can affect how you view your slides and how they're triggered here. Build slides with a variety of elements, including: shapes, text, graphics, videos, gradients, live video, & more. Importing and Exporting Files These pages will cover the various import and export options available from the File menu in ProPresenter 6. No problem, Pro7 can do that! Explore over 10,000 songs with ProPresenter Templates. The Live button in the upper right of the Preview window allows you to access the Capture settings for a screen recording or stream as well as starting the Capture itself. Check Allows Overrun if you would like the Timer to keep running after it reaches zero or its end; uncheck Allows Overrun to have the Timer stop when it reaches its end. The first option will be which libraries do you want to import. With a completely revamped video engine that is equally suitable for powering presentations in a room of 100 people or 100,000, the quality and professionalism of ProPresenters output is unprecedented. These can also be driven by the same copy of ProPresenter and output via the onboard video card or SDI. If you have Overrun enabled, the timer will highlight in red once a timer has reached its original ending time. From here, you can choose an item to link it to the Placeholder Item within this Playlist. All available Props will show in this window. ANY FEATURES MISSING FROM PROPRESENTER 7? ProPresenter now offers the freedom to have multiple libraries and use a presentation from any library in a single playlist. ProPresenter syncs with Planning Center Services' order of service with ProPresenter playlists and provides functionality to link presentations or content to each cue of the run-of-show. For general information about the Editor as well as items that are not covered here, please see the Slide Editor section. Reviewed 2 months ago. All outputs can be driven by one machine and one license of Pro7. Show Triggered Presentation will load the currently showing Presentation from the Presentation Layer into the Show View. (For example, you can copy the web address from the browser and paste it into an email to someone who should have that access. Welcome to ProPresenter -- Working through the Quick Start Guide, Adding a Planning Center Plan to ProPresenter, AVG blocks media imports to ProPresenter 7 on Windows, Registering ProPresenter 7 / Moving a seat from one computer to another. Click on the Type dropdown menu to change which kind of Timer youre using. Special editor to simplify line breaks in slides. "Parents of child 485 please come to the nursery.". This can always be changed for any file by right-clicking on the file and selecting "Set as". You can create playlists of media and folders for your playlists. Note: Smart Playlists ARE "recursive," meaning it will not only search the folder you point it at, but also any sub-folders within that folder. This functionality is supported for the following Devices: The main area of the Media Bin shows the contents of the currently selected Media Playlist. Export ProPresenter Bundle will generate a .pro6x file in the destination that you select. ProPresenter will then start. Clear each layer independently, or clear all layers with one click, Select transport controls for each layer of media, Create libraries to organize your presentations. Video effects empower you to leverage your video library to create limitless new looks for your pre-produced content. This does not affect the physical output of the slide and only applies to the thumbnail for better viewing of the slides. Why not check out my. Welcome to ProPresenter 7! In the Looks Panel, you choose what is shown on each screen. Includes 12 months of ProPresenter+ (support, software updates, and feature upgrades), All advanced features (formerly called modules), Additional 12 months of support, software updates, and feature upgrades, Esports & Video Game Live Streaming Software, can purchase here from Renewed Vision Store. For example, you might have a Media Playlist for slow motion backgrounds and one for fast motion backgrounds; one for media that has blue as its primary color and one that has media with red as its primary color. Using this feature allows other users on any internet enabled device to load a web page, make changes to the Tokens (just as the operator would inside of ProPresenter, and Send a request for that Message to be sent to the audience screen. Enjoy broadcasting software with industry-standard protocol controls familiar to professional broadcasters and engineers. In this mode, click the name of the Playlist to select a different Playlist, and click the v to open up the full view again. Here are the Token types and the options you have when editing them: Pre-defined ("Name", "Message", and "Room") and Custom Tokens, These are simple text boxes; enter any text you would like and the Token will pass that text through to the Message when it is shown There are four different options for how to add presentations into the Playlist. If you do not have a logo set in Preferences, this option will not appear in the window. In the top left of the screen click on ProPresenter then click on Preferences. When a Web Notification is sent the ProPresenter operator will see a notification on the top right of their computer screen notifying them of the request. Clicking on this indicator during a Capture will give you stats about your Capture and allow you to stop the Capture at any time. DVD Playback (Both Mac and Windows OS have made this increasingly difficult), Cloud syncing (more will be said about this in the future), Social media (cut because of changing policies of Twitter and Facebook), Telestrator (may return with new technologies that make it more useful), Karaoke highlighted words (though the sequencing of slides on a timeline is still available), Live web view (web slide objects are still available), Presentation Categories (instead replaced with multiple library support). Campus license (20-seats) are available to Houses of Worship. ProPresenter+: What is it and how do I renew it? The first option here is the paperclip icon, and this is specific for PlanningCenter Playlists. Actions that correspond to specific features, able to be added to a slide cue, macro, or other simillar soltion for triggering one feature at a time, or multiple together. You can also come back to install this later. 0:00 / 3:32 ProPresenter 6 - How to import and export playlists Power Director Essentials from the Sharper Turtle 12.5K subscribers Subscribe 5.9K views 6 years ago ProPresenter 6 tutorials The. To have a Message clear automatically after a certain amount of time, click the dropdown menu next to Dismiss and select the amount of time before it clears, or select Manually to have it not clear automatically. It is the indispensable tool for worship gatherings, sporting events, conferences, trade shows, and studio broadcasts. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators . Each seat allows the software to be installed on one computer. Discounted pricing is available for bulk purchases of 5 or more seats. One of these screens will give you the option to import your libraries from ProPresenter 6. You can also right click on a Media Playlist to choose Select for Communications. 1. The show area of your presentation allows you to see upcoming slides and provides you with the ultimate control. An Audio Playlist can contain audio files. The next day, during a service, the operator is notified that a nursery call is needed. They can add text and make other changes as necessary to their desired Message, then click on Show. Starting in ProPresenter7.5, the icons that previously existed in the middle of the Toolbar, have been moved over to the bottom right of the application in an area called Show Controls. With ProPresenter, editing your presentation and exporting edited presentations to other devices is free, forever. There are three different ways you can view your slides in this area: Grid View, Table View, and Easy View. The operator running ProPresenter can either approve or disprove the showing of that Message. You can add audio files to a Playlist by clicking the + between the Playlist View and Audio View, or by dragging them from your operating system to this area. The Show button will toggle to a Hide button when the message is active and clicking it will remove the Message from the screens. The Allow Web Notifications checkbox at the bottom of the area will quickly toggle this feature on and off. The NDI output encodes the output of ProPresenter and sends that video stream over Ethernet. Welcome to a whole new level of native multi-screen capability in ProPresenter 7. A ProPresenter Bundle includes the document and any media in the selected file. ProPresenter 7 has changed the layout. To show the Message on the audience screen on a PC, click directly on the notification, to dismiss the request on a PC and not show it on the audience screen, click the arrow to "archive" the notification. Once you start a Capture, there are three colors the indicator can be depending on the status of your capture. is then capable of receiving and decoding that video image as in input source. It helps organize and prepare your media. You can also quickly drag media from the Media Bin directly on top of a slide in the Slide View to attach that media as an Action to that slide. Access at ProPresenter 7.9.1 is the last release that will support macOS 10.14 Mojave. A new sample library will be installed that contains several presentations showing off some of the different functionality and designs that you can use in ProPresenter 7 as well as a playlist of those files. That Presentation can also be added to one or more Playlists (or even to a single Playlist more than once), however the Playlist is simply referencing the original Presentation. This brings up a window which will allow you to press the Delete key to remove Playlist Templates. To export a presenters playlist from one computer to another. Click Continue a few times until you reach the Continue Learning screen again. You must purchase any additional seats first, then renew all seats on a subsequent purchase. The next option allows you to Import an item from the computer by bringing up a File Explorer or Finder window. Right click or select and press the Delete key to delete items. You can also add it in front of or behind a slide to create your own slide cue for this action, or from the Action Palette by adding Media Bin Playlist to a slide. Now Windows has all the features that Mac does, including Capitalization offer. Any object using the Stage Message linked text data link will see this message appear on their screen. ProPresenter 7 // 17. Propresenter 7 Importing and Exporting presentations Learn Propresenter 1.35K subscribers Subscribe 16K views 1 year ago Propresenter 7 Tutorials Want to know more? Now that the Network is enabled, close the Preferences window and open the Messages Pane. Across the top of the Transport Controls are three icons; these icons control which media the Transport Controls are showing: Below these icons is a scrub bar. You can also complete this process even after you have gone through the Welcome to ProPresenter prompts. This is helpful in running a live show and knowing what's coming next while not have to click away from the main cue area. If the light is green then those Screens are on, if the light is red then those screens are off. This is extremely useful if you are playing back a series of audio tracks before an event or need to trigger a grouping of audio to play from one click. Operator Notes -- Clicking this button allows you to add a small line to enter Notes into the program for a Presentation. Rename the timer by clicking on the name of the Timer. Add Smart Playlists to have ProPresenter automatically reflect the contents of a folder on your computer, and add Playlist Folders to help organize your Media Playlists. In this example, someone had previously set up a Message for this contingency. Inside of ProPresenter, audio files must be categorized as one of two types: Tip: Audio files less than 10 seconds are automatically categorized as Sound Effects, while longer audio files are categorized as Audio Tracks. It will follow all of the same rules and can be cleared the same way as other Messages. Playlist Templates were added in ProPresenter7.10. Powerful importing tools including our reflow editor that allows you to edit slides as easily as editing text in a word processor. English, Spanish, Korean, Portuguese, French, German, Russian, Chinese (Simplified), Czech, Norwegian, English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Italian, and Hungarian. With ProPresenter you can also send MIDI signals out from the software enabling the ability to control lighting software & hardware, audio automation through your DAW, digital mixers, & more. They also have a free tier, but it's only holds 5 presentations, so isn't sustainable for most clients who want a long-term solution. Custom view for operators to see content more clearly. Turn a tablet or other hardware into a stage display. Browse Songs Let Playback control ProPresenter slides for you. There are two views for the Media Bin: Right-clicking on a media thumbnail gives you a wide range of options: With the release of ProPresenter 7.3, you can now trigger Playlists from the Media Bin on a single slide click with an Action. Let's dive into one of the above examples: "Parents of child [Nursery Number] please come to the nursery." 1 Customize Your template Choose your style and lines-per-slide format. Link one text box to another so you can have two boxes with the same exact content, but formatted differently for other outputs. If you went past this screen a little too fast during the initial setup and missed this option, you can always click on the Window menu at the top of the screen and click on Welcome to ProPresenter in the menu. So were adopting a maintenance model we call ProPresenter+. Macros are single button clicks that can perform a number of actions, previously only limited to slides. No license, registration, or payment info required. From here you will get the same menu that you saw in the Welcome to ProPresenter prompts. Across the bottom of the Media Bin click on the Filter textbox to do a name search of all of the media in the currently selected Playlist. Ability to have different output options for the different stage displays. This is the main ProPresenter area where you can control and trigger your slides to your screens and literally, run the Show. Add media by dragging the media from your computer's operating system onto this section, or by clicking the + in the lower left. Clicking the Network button at the bottom of the area will open the webpage where users can send Messages over the network. ProPresenter was designed from the beginning to allow beginners to feel confident in running the software with only a few minutes of training. Click and drag Playlists and Playlist Folders to rearrange them. Timeline -- This allows you to open the Timeline for the Presentation. Want to see ALL your multiple outputs in one view? This setting is only applicable in the Media Bin Playlist and will not transfer if the Media Cue is added as an Action on a Slide or into a Library Playlist. Used when overlapping projectors, so the image smoothly transitions across them. You can have multiple Message Actions on one slide. All new to ProPresenter 7 is the Announcements Layer. You can open this area by clicking the Props button in the Show Controls, pressing Control-P on Mac or Control-Shift-P on Windows, or selecting in the Menubar View > Props. The Settings at the bottom right include two options: Slides by Group and Background Color. Press Control-V on Mac or Control-Shift-V on Windows. Wait, theres still more. Able to send messages to the stage screens. When you have an Object selected on the Prop, two tabs will appear in the Editor that are almost identical to those in the original Slide Editor. Once you select a Playlist you can then see the audio files contained in that Playlist at the bottom of the Audio Bin. Its an all-in-one solution for your visual needs, no matter how complex your facilities or presentations get. "The service will begin in 03:32." ProPresenter was first built for houses of worship, offering worship-centric features like rich, dynamic visuals and automatic lyric and copyright integration plus access to 125 Bible translations. Welcome to ProPresenter -- Working through the Quick Start Guide, Adding a Planning Center Plan to ProPresenter, AVG blocks media imports to ProPresenter 7 on Windows, Understanding The ProPresenter7 User Interface. Playlist Folders are for organizing Media Playlists and Smart Playlists. In short, yes. This allows you to easily search and re-use songs week to week. You can change which view you're using in the bottom right corner of the Show View by clicking on one of three buttons. Here are the five options, using hours as an example: h: Always show the hours but hide leading zeros There are several other view modes that you may find ProPresenter using (such as while using the Stage Editor or the Props Editor); in all of these cases, the "More" button in the Toolbar will be highlighted. The indicator will typically be green as that means the connection is properly streaming and there are no interruptions through ProPresenter. This was added in ProPresenter7.7. Once selected you can Copy, Paste, and Delete the selected Prop(s) by right clicking on one of the props, pressing the appropriate keyboard shortcut, or going to the Edit menu in the menubar. Automatically import media from specific computer folders with a smart playlist. The Stage control options in Show Controls allow you to both send Messages to your Stage screens and set layouts for each of the screens. There may be no need to purchase extra seat licenses given all you can do in our Free version. Generally speaking this means that the devices need to be on the same wired or wireless network as each other, however each network is unique so you may need to speak to your network administrator about how to enable a feature like this. There is no Slide Notes feature in the Props Editor. It seamlessly displays lyrics, slides, and media, making high-quality live productions easy. on the screen. The ability to create high-quality video is becoming increasingly easy, making the use of videos in productions more prevalent than ever. ProPresenter is helping government bodies improve the quality of their visual presentations at local assemblies all the way up to the meeting rooms of U.S. Congress and office of the U.S. President. 19K views 2 years ago Welcome to our training series for ProPresenter 7! Proration is calculated on a monthly basis and partial months are rounded up for the benefit of the customer. To delete a Library, right click on the Library and choose Delete, or select the Library and press the Delete or Backspace key. The Settings here are similar to Easy View, but affect the plain text view of your Slide's text on the right side of the view. Regardless of how powerful a tool is, its value is determined by how easy it is to access that power. When you click on this option it will start downloading our sample content for you so that you have a few things to get started with when you first open the program. To do this, click on the playlist name so the Detail view is active open the search window and search for the title of your presentation and drag/drop the title right into the playlist in the position you want it in. If content is filling a given Layer, then that Layer's button will turn red. You can also now output stage display through SDI or NDI as well as have more than one stage display. Now, go to the general tab in preferences for ProPresenter and click on the magnifying glass for next to the file path for the library, media files, and the associated files. Your choice here would be dependent on how you have your screens and your Audience Look setup. This will open a file browser window. Ability to schedule media or presentations to play at set times. This makes it a preferable way to show content across multiple slides. With the ProPresenter+ you get all updates while your plan is active. Macros can fire multiple triggers at the same time. Organize your media how you want with the Media Bin. Sign up with our partner Resi and get industrial strength Cloud based resillient streaming for a more robust and error free streaming experience with your online audience. hh: Always show the hours and show leading zeros So now you can let your inner star come out and you can even fill it with a gradient of colors. MIDI is currently the only device available for Windows. You can collapse the Playlist view by clicking the ^ button; this allows the operator to focus on the contents of just one Playlist. This area has many uses. Stream directly from within ProPresenter using industry standard RTMP directly to YouTube and FaceBook at no extra cost. Starting in ProPresenter7.7 we've added the ability to view the Attachement Manager for PlanningCenter Services within ProPresenter. If ProPresenter+ is not renewed in the 30 days following the first anniversary, any updates, upgrades, or technical support to the software will require the purchase of a renewal at the cost of a full license. 3. Here, well look at how to take those presentations and build the playlist to run your service/show. You can also add it in front of or behind a slide to create your own slide cue for this action, or from the Action Palette by adding Audio Bin Playlist to a slide. Any Clocks/Timers that are created in the Timers area will appear as Tokens as well. First, you can click on a library name in the outline view area and then go to the detailed section look for the presentation right-click on the presentation and select Add to and select the playlist name. This PHP-based solution accesses the EasyWorship 6.1 database and exports all of the songs as plain text files suitable for importing into another lyric projection system (tested with ProPresenter 6.1). Mark M. Religious Institutions, 51-200 employees. We love seeing this and want to see more of it so Renewed Vision is now including these advanced features in Pro7 at no additional cost (a $2,593 value if all were purchased separately)! Upgrade from a previous ProPresenter product, * Pro4, Pro5 & Pro6 customers should use this option so anyBibles purchased will work with your Pro7 upgrade, * Pro4, Pro5, & Pro6 customers should use this option so any, Bibles purchased will work with your Pro7 upgrade. When you export a playlist you can choose to include the media with the playlist if you want. Starting in ProPresenter7.6, you are able to create Macros. Click the down arrow below the Preview window to select which Screen (Audience or Stage) you would like to Preview. In order to qualify for any upgrades, additions, or renewals, we must verify your existing license. This view uses the same icons to indicate Actions and Transitions. More and more often, productions are involving their audiences in their content. In this video, we will be learning about the different elements within the Library and Playlist sections of Pro7. It's an all-in-one solution for your visual needs, no matter how complex your facilities or presentations get. Delete a Message by clicking on the message and pressing the Delete or Backspace button on your keyboard, or, if you have a touchpad device, swipe to the left on top of the Message name and click the Delete button. This option must be checked in order to receive the two-week trial offer. Windows For Windows users, once you find the file, click on the Open button. A mission statement or other text that will be shown across multiple slides Stream directly from the software to a destination, such as YouTube or Facebook. Create Libraries for your presentations. Open ProPresenter 7 and open Preferences.

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